Code of Conduct


ADVERTISING:The term advertising refers to (but not limited to):
Print: Newspapers, Magazines, pamphlets, brochures,banners, hoarding boards, street signs, posters,stickers,calendars, etc. that are released or distributed in media, exhibitions, outside (streets),colleges or anywhere else.
Electronic Media: Television, Radio, FM, Cable TV, Scrolling advertisements, public announcements, CDs, DVDs etc.
Online Media: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.


  • Not use adjectives and superlatives such as No.1,  Leader, Best, Largest, Oldest the unauthorized and misleads the public.
  • MUST only release a clean advertisement which clearly mentions the information accurately.
  • Not use the IERIN logo other than mentioned and guided by the IERIN in terms of color, size proportion.
  • Not make changes in any ways the logo of IERIN in the form of color, size proportion.
  • Not promote any programmes that is not purely related to the education like (Aupair, cruise visas, transit visas, short trainings leading to the jobs).
  • Not promote any programmes which reflects to helping students to use the student visa as an entry to a better country via a least developed country through means of student visa.
  • Not use the word ‘guarantee’ such as visa guarantee, job guarantee, paid internship guarantee or any other guarantee. If advertising for internship (paid or unpaid), all details must be mentioned including name of institution, name of course, duration of internshipconditions applicable.
  • Not promote anything relevant to job assurance such as job search, employmentarrangement, job club 100% OJT, earn … per week (or per hour / per month)  or any phrases that give similar meaning.
  • Not use words or phrases that are beyond the scope  of expertise and are dependent upon others such as admission guarantee, job guarantee, visa within  days, ......offer letter/I20/admission in …. days, work within … days, 100% OJT, or any other misleading  information in the advertisements violating the basic norms of the educational consultancy practices.
  • Not use words such as 100% visa success rate, 100%  visa, pay only after visa, no visa no fee, fee refund if visa rejected or any other words that give similar meaning directly or indirectly.
  • Not promote any programs related to business,  travel, tourist, dependent, migration, work, but advertise only academic programs of abroad colleges, universities and institutions.
  •  Not quote any fees for services provided by the consultancy and/ or the foreign institutions. For  example study IELTS at Rs. 3,000 or study in Australia in only 5 lakhs or AUD 8,000. Members may however quote the exact fees along with the course name and CRICOS code if they so desire.
  • Not even quote ‘FREE’ offer such as FREE IELTS,  FREE test preparation, FREE processing, FREE visa etc in the advertisements, but can advertise FREE SEMINAR/ ASSESSMENT.
  • Not use offers to attract students such as air tickets,  travelers’ cheque, laptop, mobile phones, sim card, unlimited offers to first … students, special offers to those who come in groups, T-shirt, shoes etc granted to students, or any such offers.
  • Not use the logo of any program and/ or foreign associations such as NCC etc. for which the consultancy does not have direct membership, and in case the consultancy does, it must mention the membership number while using logo and seek permission in writing from such association to use their logos in Nepal.
  • IERIN members must show the name of their affiliated company (if any) on their marketing /promotional material.
  • IERIN member while showing name of the Universities in Marketing and promotions must provide details of their affiliated Company in case they themselves do not represent any such Universities.
  • Not mislead the public by advertising the post of an association or branch office in any country so as to help them with visa processing or any other services.
  •  Office bearers of associations shall not promote their own business while attending seminars, giving interviews to media etc. on behalf of their associations. They shall also not display their post (present or past) on their company business cards  (or letterhead, brochures, website etc.)
  • Not use the word ‘documentation‘ or ‘one-stop solution’ in any form.
  • When a member is organising an exhibition, members shall only advertise the names of institutions taking part in the exhibition rather than putting the names of a long list of institutions. Also the exhibitor should not have stalls of those institutions that are not attending unless they have prior approval from the institution concerned.
  • Not display the name of college/ institute/ university at the expo if the consultancy has no agreement with them (& not participating as well).
  • Members will not promote scholarships or discounts  offered by a college/ university unless the offer  is promoted with full details and have authentic documents to prove it.
  • Mention the cost details while advertising airport pickup, accommodation, food etc. When taking part in exhibitions organised by Associations, members are allowed to provide promotional offers during the expo. What is allowed shall be decided by the Association itself  and members need to seek prior approval for any  discounts/prizes/ incentives etc. they intend to offer.
  • Not advertise courses saying they lead to Permanent  Residency or migration.
  • Not advertise any country programmes other than  approved by IERIN.
  • Include provider CRICOS code while promoting an Australian institution.


  • IERIN members will provide accurate information to  prospective students who have selected a country as their potential study destination.
  • IERIN members will provide most recent and relevant  information on universities / colleges represented by them and in no circumstances will misguide them onacademic requirements, living costs, part time jobs etc.
  • IERIN members will not state that it is mandatory for  a student to use a representative’s services and shall charge no more than NPR. 20,000 (Nepalese Rupees twenty thousand only) for their services.
  • IERIN members will refrain from using advertisements that are misleading, open to misinterpretation and in any way that does not comply with the ESOS Act.They shall fully comply with the code of conduct for advertisement, included separately below.
  • IERIN members are not allowed to change agent for  students already with an offer from another IERIN  member, unless they have approval in writing from the first agent.
  • IERIN members should neither be involved nor entertain any documents that might be seen as non  genuine by the COUNTRY’S IMMIGRATION or any other body.
  • IERIN members will serve with honesty and integrity and have an obligation both towards the partner university / institution and the client/ student.
  • IERIN members must be competent, well informed and reputable; and act in the best interest of the applicant and the institution.
  • IERIN member can only advise students for Higher education to study abroad, and guide them for visa  documents. They should not be involved in Migration advice.
  • IERIN member should not themselves get involved in preparation of visa documents as it should be the  responsibility of the student/parent.
  • IERIN member should not advise / refer any particular  financial institution to their students for Education Loan.
  • IERIN member are not allowed / should not provide students any discount on their own (out of  commission), provide students air tickets, lap tops etc.
  • IERIN members are not allowed to hold passport,  citizenship, original certificates or any form of cash deposit of students. However they are allowed to  charge a fee for their services. For example when  providing IELTS preparation classes or when applying

         to the foreign institution.

  • IERIN member should not entertain dependant applicants, incase the student appears doubtful of his/her marriage.














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